The Stretch IRA is Dead

The SECURE Act, effective January 1, 2020, has ended the Stretch IRA for most adult non-spouse beneficiaries.  The motivation clear and simple is more Tax Revenue for Uncle Sam.  The change from Life Expectancy Distributions to the Ten Year Rule is estimated by the Congressional Research Service to bring in to the federal coffers $15.7 Billion in fiscal … [Read more...]

The Equifax Security Breach 2017

The Equifax security breach is the worst Americans have experienced not only because of the large number of people impacted, but because of the volume of personal data that was exposed to hackers.  Everyone needs to expect that he or she has been affected by this breach and take precautions now to protect himself. A credit freeze locks your credit file … [Read more...]

Social Security – It Pays to Wait

There is a payoff for those who delay triggering their Social Security benefits, and few know how important delaying can be.  For a generation used to immediate gratification, waiting doesn’t come naturally so education is important.  Read this article to learn why waiting can pay off. … [Read more...]