A Range-Bound Market

The battle between buyers and sellers has kept the major indexes range-bound in 2015.  The Dow and the S&P are struggling to make progress with the Dow continuing to back off each time it tips above 18,000 and the S&P is struggling to get above 2,100.  The Dow closed above 18,000 for the first time ever at the end of December and reached an all-time … [Read more...]

September Market Update

The market resumed its push higher in August with gains second only to February so far this year.  The S&P 500 index crossed the psychological line of 2,000 and closed August on that high.  The Dow which crossed 17,000 in July and then fell back, closed August at 17,078.  And, the NASDAQ, which was the highest % gainer of the major indexes in August, is … [Read more...]

The Stock Market Continues to Push to New Highs

On Tuesday, August 26, the S&P 500 Index closed above 2000 for the first time ever.  After lagging earlier this year, the small caps, represented by the Russell 2000 Index, have given the strongest showing of all the major indexes since August 1.   And the NASDAQ is less than 10% away from its all-time record high set in March of 2000. In our view, … [Read more...]

How’s 2014 Doing So Far?

January was a challenging month with the major indexes losing -6% in a two week period after a strong 4th quarter in 2013.  An important part of our risk management strategy includes identifying exit prices for every stock or fund in an account.  When we buy a position, to protect our accounts against a potentially large loss, we determine at what price we … [Read more...]

The Big Disconnect

The stock market is up strongly this year, but earnings growth has slowed to a crawl. Jurrien Timmer, director of Global Macro at Fidelity weighs in on what may be in store for 2014. Click the link below to find out what he has to say. 2014 Market Outlook   This report is a publication of Guelich Capital Management LLC, a registered investment … [Read more...]

How Long Will the Stock Rally Last?

October is historically a challenging month in the market.  This October was no exception as we entered the month with a shutdown of our government.  During this uncertain time the markets pulled back as one would expect, however, as the deadline for the Debt Ceiling increase approached, investors demonstrated optimism that some agreement would be reached.  … [Read more...]

Medicare Open Enrollment Time

October 15 until December 7, 2013 is open enrollment in Medicare for the 2014 Year.  Visit www.medicare.gov and enter your zip code to compare options. If you are already covered by Medicare this is the time to compare plans to see if you will benefit from a change in coverage in 2014.  Those who are Medicare eligible can choose between what is called … [Read more...]

October Sales Tax Holiday

If you are in the market for a new appliance, be sure to check this out right away.  Beginning today, October 11th, purchases of certain WaterSense and Energy Star qualified products are exempt from Virginia sales tax.  This tax holiday will last until midnight on Monday, October 14th.  Many items including, but not limited to dishwashers, refrigerators, … [Read more...]

How will Obamacare Affect the Economy and the Market?

Most conversations about how Obamacare will impact the economy focus on JOBS. There are two opposing views drawn on party-lines and both sides are passionate about their opinions. Opponents of this legislation claim that the law will encourage employers to reduce the work week to 29 hours or less and trim their workforce to stay under 50 full-time … [Read more...]

The Affordable Care Act and the Investor

For answers to some basic questions about who should visit the new Healthcare Exchanges on October 1st, check out our post.  Today we explore how Obamacare will impact investors. After all is said and done, there is no free lunch!  We all know that and we know that extending affordable insurance coverage to millions of Americans currently uninsured … [Read more...]