Private Wealth Guardian ™

At Guelich Capital Management, LLC, our financial advisors take a global perspective to wealth creation and preservation.  Equipped with advanced market knowledge, we strive to provide superb client service. The Private Wealth Guardian™ integrates the financial and lifestyle goals of our clients to develop innovative and tailored financial solutions.  Coupled with three decades of experience and a disciplined approach to private wealth management, we offer a clearly-defined path intended to lead to financial confidence.

Step One:  Vision
The first step of our process lays the groundwork for a successful collaboration.  We will meet to discuss our client’s vision and key goals; and in turn, to discuss the dynamic, proactive approach our firm brings to growing and managing wealth.

Step Two:  Discovery
Once we have identified objectives, we will collect and review financial documents to assess areas of challenge, opportunity and growth.  In addition, we will discuss our firm’s methodology for managing project completion and timelines, and the customized stewardship they can expect to receive throughout implementation and management of their plan.

Step Three:  Strategy
This presentation includes six key areas of focus – investments, tax diversification, insurance, retirement planning, estate planning, and asset protection.  Clients may choose one or more modules depending upon their needs and goals.

Step Four:  Action
Upon completing the strategy portion of the process, we will move to the implementation phase.  Through a disciplined, proactive approach, we will carry out their wealth solutions, employing the 90-Day Focus Strategy for each.  This design allows our team to concentrate on each of the areas of the plan, implementing strategies one at a time.

Step Five:  Progress
Because financial success is a journey, not a destination, we will coordinate periodic reviews to ensure that our clients’ financial plans are growing with their objectives and evolving needs.  By consistently monitoring this dynamic process, our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a trusted steward of their wealth preservation and growth.

For more information or to discuss how this plan may fit your needs, call us 540-772-4545.