What should I read or is there a class I can take to learn more about handling money?

Wise Women Leave a LegacyAnswer: Have you checked out our Wise Women Leave a Legacy Program? This is designed especially to help women learn more about managing their money. We meet for an hour and 20 minutes on the third Thursday of the month in our office in Roanoke. The meeting begins promptly at noon. It is a small group setting and we share a variety of information each month in a fast moving format of topical segments.

Our presentation is designed to provide information to women in different life stages whether they are married or single, working or not. Our Financially Free segment addresses challenges in planning for retirement and living in retirement. In the Risk Rules segment, we talk about how to manage various types of risk to your wealth. The Market in Focus is where we share tools we use to manage investments. And the 401k Korner is where we offer information to help those who are building their 401k plan with an employer. Don’t Leave it to Chance is all about arranging your affairs so you are prepared to leave your legacy. We talk about wills, trusts, beneficiary designations, and ways to pass on your values and experience to those who come behind you.

We invite you to check us out. The next session is Thursday, September 18 at noon. There is no charge for your first visit and the following sessions are only $37 each for over an hour of valuable information, a handbook summarizing the presentation, and light refreshments, too. Call 540-772-4545 for information or to make a reservation now.

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