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Harmonizing Your Wealth Picture

With Your Life Goals

Creating Customized Solutions,

Designed to Enhance Your Every Day

What Brings You Great Joy?

What is Your Greatest Financial Concern?

As we understand the concerns that keep you up at night and what a meaningful life looks like to you, guiding you towards your vision is our objective.

Our Services Include


Investment Management

  • Designing investment strategies customized to your goals
  • Managing risk to control loss
  • Utilizing tax-efficient methods to reduce tax liability
  • Monitoring progress measured against your goal

Financial Planning

  • Identifying your personal goals and objectives
  • Prioritizing each planning segment to your life stage
  • Building modules to address cash flow, student loan debt, retirement planning, tax planning, risk management and your legacy
  • Quarterly monitoring to stay on track

Building Relationships

Towards Tailored Solutions

Every collaboration begins with your expressed concerns and goals as the focus. The foundation of every service we offer is a strong relationship focused on meeting your needs. Every client is provided with solutions designed to address their concerns and move towards their goals.

Tailored Financial Solutions Roanoke, VA Guelich Capital Management

Do Our Services Complement Your Needs?

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